Berlin on a Budget

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I had always been curious about visiting Germany. When my friend suggested visiting Berlin, I was like sure thing!

Outside of our airbnb. 

First thing, when we arrived in Berlin it was super warm out. We reached our airbnb and decided to walk around the neighborhood to eat. That evening we tried to think of what to do next and my friend found on a website ‘free things to do in Berlin’ and found out about watching a outdoor movie! It wasn’t free but she bought our tickets online. They were pretty cheap I think around 7 euros which isn’t bad for a evening show.

We ate this delicious pasta at Mirabelle. It was across the street from a park that had bee farms! Food is (usually) uber cheap in Berlin and there’s a lot Turkish places to eat kebabs. 
When the weather is good, Berliners go outside! It was an awesome experience as I love doing what the locals do! They provide chairs/blankets (and you can buy drinks/snacks). When we 1st arrived we were kinda nervous because the park is kinda hidden behind broken buildings and graffiti (Berlin is covered in ‘cool’ graffiti we came to learn), but it was cool when we figured out where it was. 

It became packed soon enough. That was like the most fun thing we decided to do! The movie we watched was hilarious and it was so fun to watch the movie (with English subtitles) with other young German’s and foreigners. Here’s the link: Freiluftkino Kreuzberg

Once you figure out the metro system it’s pretty efficient and safe. It’s also really cheap! The next day we went to the German landmarks which are kind of situated in a particular part of the city and easy to walk around. It was also great because the weather was so sunny and amazing mA!

Berliner Dom. It has a river right by it and is beautiful!

We also went to the Do You Read Me?! independent book store which isn’t too far from the sites. Berlin has some alot of cool shops to see here and there as you walk around and you can find affordable options. We also headed to the Bikini Mall which is mix of price ranges. We also went to museums. The DDR museum is really small (like you can see everything in 15 minutes). We went to the Neues Museum, which has the sculpture of Nefertiti’s head, she’s a beauty. The museum’s are walking distance from the Berliner Dom. They are not free, but the Neues Museum is worth checking if you are into Egypt and German history.

For dinner we were famished and decided to eat Turkish kebab! I was so happy. The place we went to is called Ruya Gemuse Kebab. It’s highly rated, and hot dudes were like gorging on the wraps in the middle of the street, lol. It was super fresh and the staff were uber friendly. Well I hope this guide helps in your stay at Berlin! I wish I could have stayed longer and I really liked the vibes of the city! It’s fascinating to see how a people and a city picked themselves up after everything they have been through. Still just goes to show the human spirit and its capability for change and growth.

With fried veggies, mint leaves, sauces, cheese, and chicken…everything was so delicious and fresh. It was huge and so flavorful! For me and my friend plus water we paid only around 10 euros! Super!

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