Milan in a Day

Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don't burry thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake up and live.

I originally had no plan to visit Milan this summer. But then after searching forever, I realized that Milan was one of the only cities that had nonstop flights to Santorini, Greece. That being said, I was really amazed by the city, however brief it was! Milan has (obviously) amazing shopping, tons of Italian fashion brands that I’ve never heard of, and practically every brand. I would say that Milan is probably better than NYC for shopping! Not only that the city was beautiful, green, clean, and felt pretty safe. The local Italians were very friendly too, probably because they deal with so many famous models visiting all the time (I saw a male model walking around in front of the cathedral so who knows who you will see when you go)!

When we first arrived we took a taxi to our airbnb, we had a convo with our driver and he asked us how we felt about Trump, lol. We said “it’s not good” and he said that most Americans he had asked felt the same way (but then again people who voted for Trump probably won’t be visiting Milan anyway?). Milan has quite a few famous places to eat and shop, but the main square with the Milan Cathedral is right next to the famous mall or the Galleria Vittirio Emanuele II.


We went shopping at Inglot and a few other places. We got a treat at Cova. I would recommend for breakfast either Cova or Pave’, for dinner/lunch visit Carlo E Camilla or Tagiura Di Angeloti Rino Snc (they have a beautiful covered courtyard and delicious affordable food) or Da Michele I Condurro for pizza. I wanted to visit LuBar a new place to eat inside of the GAM Museum but we just didn’t have the time. Uber exists in Milan. Milan has a good public transportation system and the city is walkable.  It’s a good idea to have reservations for dinner. Most restaurants are closed on Monday and a lot of places have random hours or days that they are not open. So double check! Another option is to visit the Brera design district and walk around to see.


Fancy Cova! I loved the cannoli!

On our second trip to Milan (after we returned from Oia, Santorini Greece) the taxi driver couldn’t find our new airbnb! Our new airbnb was in a newly build apt complex not too far from the city. A lady (more like an angel) appeared out of nowhere. She said she’d help us find our airbnb. She was with her daughter and spoke English. She was so kind and helpful! Without her help we would have been stuck outside or had to turn back! She invited us into her apartment and out of the heat. When we finally got in touch with our airbnb host, I forgot my phone in her apt! When I realized I forgot it my friend called the lady and she had been waiting outside the apartment building trying to return it! She was a Godsend for sure! It’s moments like these that make travel so special. To see the humanity and kindness of strangers.

At our next airbnb, there had been a place I wanted to eat and had done research about in America before arriving, but felt it was too far away. It had amazing reviews and a beautiful courtyard. It was called da Kico amazingly the restaurant was walking distance from our airbnb! How things fall in place!


Beautiful restaurant with buffet menu. Not expensive at all for the quality! It was jam packed with locals and served delicious seafood among other specialties of the region (a lot of octopus which I found surprising in Italian cuisine)!

I hope you enjoyed this mini guide to Milan. I would totally visit again (Milan is only a few hours from Lake Como)! Thanks again!


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