Summer Skincare

My favorite skincare for summer plus reviews of Erno Laszlo!

During summer, additional skincare concerns crop up: blackheads, sunburn, etc. The weather is hot and applying skincare seems heavy to the skin. Here are some easy products to use that get the job done quick and will keep your skin looking great all summer!

For getting rid of blackheads, while living in Japan, I learned a method that they use to keep their skin clean, bright, and moisturized:

step 1: pat your face with a hot towel, carefully, so as not to burn your face. This will open up the pores so that the dirt in them can get dislodged. You can heat water and dip a clean towel in it to heat. Squeeze out some of the hot water and pat face. Your face does not have to be wet and you do not have to pat your face for too long maybe 2 or 3 minutes.

step 2: your face shouldn’t be wet (you can pat dry excess water), then put some cleansing oil on your hands and rub in circular motions on your face. Cleansing oil is a Godsend for Asian skin and people who have blackheads, dry or super oily skin. The reason is that cleansing oil deep cleans but also moisturizers your skin, and depending on the type it can have other effects. Down below are my favorites:

Sekkisei cleansing oil. I’ve been using this product for years. It used to be sold at Bath and Body works. It brightens the skin and makes it soft and shiny. This is personally my favorite. They have a new version for 28$ Can order online in the U.S.
As per Tory Burch’s recommendation (she’s in her 50s but looks 30), I tried the cleansing oil and it’s amazing. Tory Burch uses the sea mud cleansing bar from this brand and I got it for my mom and she loves it! This travel set, with a small cleansing oil and sea mud bar, retails for 28$ and lasts a long time.
Tatcha Cleansing oil, pricey but works! Lasts a long time.

step 3: a final step to take, after rinsing off the cleansing oil is to use a clay mask to further clean. I would only use a clay mask once or twice a week. However the hot towel + cleansing oil routine you can do once a day. I usually do cleansing oil at night, and use a much gentler cleanser in the morning. A long time favorite clay mask is the Lancome white clay mask. It used to be 20$ now it’s 36$ (boo) but it works! I’ve also tried the Borgese clay masks they come in big jars and make skin soft/supple. A little pricey though. But there’s also clay masks from Korean brands that may be more affordable. Check out for affordable Korean skincare!

Next for summer: Don’t forget sunblock! My favorite sunblocks are Japanese, and if you are lucky enough to be able to buy affordable Japanese sunblock, please let me know your source! Otherwise try my favorite: Shiseido sunblock in spf 50. It has to be spf 50. That will provide ultimate protection from sunburn. I like the milky texture as it makes it easy to apply (there’s also a cream version in a smaller container that’s around 20$). It will give a white sheen to your face but should sink in. It’s easy to apply makeup or other products on top. This product is also recommended by Tory Burch. You can just apply this product and head out for the day, but I recommend putting on some kind of light toner/moisture before hand. It’s very important to do deep cleaning and remove it as soon as you get back indoors for the day, as sunblock can block pores. Your other options are a sun hat, sun gloves, sun umbrella (women in Asia use them, why did American ladies stop? lol), or you can use a car shade (sometimes you can use a child car shade does the same trick). Another option is to use mixed products like sunblock plus foundation, (such as by Laneige with spf 50 foundation compacts), but I’m not sure how resistant they are to sweat.

During the summer the skin can get dry but who wants to have heavy lotions on? You can use a light moisturizer such as an emulsion, like one from Laneige. An emulsion is like a lotion but lighter. Any Korean one should do. You can opt for the Mizon snail cream. It’s light but has so many added bonuses. It’s one of my favorite moisturizers right now. Also if you need touch ups through out the day you can use the Inglot face spray. I have searched high and low for a face spray that isn’t 30$ plus that doesn’t have alcohol (it’s 10$). I actually discovered this product in Milan and love it. Also good for setting makeup. Otherwise you can make your own spray too with rose water, for example. I love homemade!

I hope this list helps you with skincare for summer concerns! Thanks again! #Hotlanta Dont forget to check out my instagram @tehminberry

Milan in a Day

Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don't burry thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake up and live.

I originally had no plan to visit Milan this summer. But then after searching forever, I realized that Milan was one of the only cities that had nonstop flights to Santorini, Greece. That being said, I was really amazed by the city, however brief it was! Milan has amazing shopping, tons of Italian fashion brands that I’ve never heard of, and a branch of every fashion brand. I would say that Milan is probably better than NYC for shopping! Not only that, the city was, green, clean, and felt pretty safe. The local Italians were very friendly too, probably because the city has many famous models and visitors (I saw a male model walking around in front of the cathedral so who knows who you will see when you go)!

When we first arrived me and my friend, took a taxi to our Airbnb. The Milan airport is far from the city. We had a conversation with our driver and he asked us how we felt about Trump. Milan has quite a few famous places to eat and shop, but the main square with the Milan Cathedral is right next to the famous mall or the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

We went shopping and nearby grabbed a treat at Cova. I would recommend for breakfast either Cova or Pave’, for dinner/lunch visit Carlo E Camilla or Tagiura Di Angeloti Rino Snc (they have a beautiful covered courtyard and delicious affordable food) or Da Michele I Condurro for pizza. I wanted to visit LuBar a place to eat inside of the GAM Museum but we just didn’t have the time. Uber exists in Milan. Milan has a good public transportation system and the city is walkable.  It’s a good idea to have reservations for dinner. Most restaurants are closed on Monday and a lot of eateries have random hours or days that they are not open. So double check! Another option is to visit the Brera design district and walk around to see the sights.

Fancy Cova! I loved the cannoli!

On our second trip to Milan (after we returned from Santorini, Greece) the taxi driver couldn’t find our new Airbnb on google maps! Our Airbnb was in a newly build apartment complex not too far from the city. A lady (more like an angel) appeared out of nowhere. She said she’d help us find our Airbnb. She was with her daughter and spoke English. She was so kind and helpful. Without her help we would have been stuck outside or had to turn back. She invited us into her apartment and out of the heat. When we finally got in touch with our Airbnb host, I forgot my phone in her apartment and when I realized I forgot it, my friend called the lady. She had been waiting outside the apartment building trying to return it! She was a Godsend. It’s moments like these that make travel so special. To see the humanity and kindness of strangers.

While I was still in America, doing research about where to eat in Milan, there had been a place I wanted to eat, but felt it was too far away. It had amazing reviews and a beautiful courtyard. It was called da Kico, and amazingly, the restaurant was walking distance from our Airbnb! How things fall in place. After a long and stressful morning me and my friend enjoyed a lovely dinner there.

Beautiful restaurant called Da Kico with buffet menu. Not expensive at all for the quality! It was packed with locals, and served delicious seafood among other specialties of the region (a lot of octopus dishes, which I found surprising in Italian cuisine)!

I hope you enjoyed this mini guide to Milan. I would totally visit again Thanks again!