Writing Contests

The importance of writing contests was hinted in one of my previous posts, but I must reiterate.

Writing contests are great because it can help a writer get recognition for a work in progress (or completed work). This can help grow readership and increase exposure of your work. Not only that, but writing contests keep you focused, giving you actual deadlines to complete, edit, revise, and proofread your work so that it doesn’t just sit in your computer or notebook.

Writing contests offer other bonuses: offering awards, fellowships, admission into a writing workshop, your work on print, and cash prizes! Different contests have different readership, awards, and type of writing they accept. Do you research. Go to the library, or book store (or get a subscription) to read literary magazines that offer contests.

Here’s a few resources to get you started to finding the right writing contests:




Know of any other resources for finding writing contests? Post and share!

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